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Logistik och transport

Automation: efficiency and safety count

logistik hantering agv
SIGMATEK has many years of experience in the logistics and material flow sector. Our modularly constructed, integrated and scalable automation system makes it easier for you to cover the versatility of your customers applications. Even complex applications with demanding axis control requirements can be efficiently run with our system solutions. A complete solution also contributes to reducing the total costs and getting your equipment and systems on the market faster. Especially when as with us, the modular approach is also supported by the software, adaptations or expansions to the system or floor transport equipment can be more easily made. This gives you a competitive advantage.

For modern transport technology in the areas of production, assembly, storage and distribution, we provide high-performance controls, dynamic drive technology, comfortable visualization and seamless networking. Based on our comprehensive portfolio of products, our experts find the right individual system solution for the automation of your material flow tasks – and from the field all the way to the managing or MES level. Safety-related requirements are also integrated into the system concept – which especially for floor transport equipment - is an essential aspect.

Compactness of the components

The automation components are designed so compactly that they can be integrated as needed into the system or floor conveyor equipment – this reduces the control cabinet space required.

Integrated safety technology

If Safety is seamlessly integrated, the effectiveness of the application or the entire system increases.

Reduced total costs

Our integrated, scalable automation system solutions increase the reliability and efficiency of the application. Through the modular construction, you can quickly react to market demands. This results in significant cost savings.

Kundcase: Euro Box Transport Automated

60 x 40 cm, these are the load area measurements of the AGUMOS Q40 from Melkus Mechatronic. The Agile AGV can handle up to 60 kg and travel at 1 m/s. Thanks to the compact dimensions, the Euro box transporter automated by SIGMATEK can also be used in narrow production and storage lanes.

Kundcase: Fast Sorting

The new sorting machine from Van Riet sorts up to 9000 pieces per hour. With a transport speed of 3 m/s, it must be possible to toggle the switches very quickly

Kundcase: 60 Motion Axes

For the packaging of cereal and fitness bars, sophisticated transport technology is a must. Greymans Paktech relies on an integrated SIGMATEK system: control, visualization and drive technology.

Kundcase: Packmann 200

Opteq robotics har utvecklat en självkörande lösning för materialflöden och sätter in SIGMATEKs S-DIAS moduler, standard-PLC och säkerhets-PLC.
LÄS MER: Youtube: Packmann 200 med S-DIAS från SIGMATEK

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